Module 2 – Purpose, Commitment & Motivation



Commitment is state or quality of being dedicated to something, much different than compliance. Commitment drives longevity and ownership whereas compliance can be short lived. Commitment is fueled by purpose, self-belief and motivation.

When we shift to working remotely we need to revisit our purpose and gain clarity of any changes in order to align our commitment and self-belief. The things that motivate us then feed into this and these are simply the things we do at work that light us up. By having a clear purpose and belief in ourselves we can identify and tap into what motivates us and those around us. This in turn creates happiness, productivity and fulfillment in role.

In this module we explore and expand on what makes up commitment and how purpose, belief and motivation can fuel this and set you up for Limitless potential. By understanding and satisfying each area with planned effort you can set yourself up to supercharge the way you work remotely.

We are all leaders of self and whether leading a remote team or not it is important to know that everyone has a different experience and energy towards working remotely.

When change occurs it is worth reviewing the commitment level and adapting the expectations and purpose of each individual and the team.

Module 2-Key themes:

  • The Commitment quadrant and your position
  • Building a cadence of accountability
  • Purpose of self and team
  • Belief of self and team
  • Understanding motivation
Module Content