Module 1 – Mindset Matters



Your mindset is a way of thinking. It is a collection of your attitudes, thoughts and beliefs that shape your thought habits. It is what you think day to day that can be a driving force to your success. In a word, our mindset is a mental inclination or disposition, a frame of mind.

Making the shift from working onsite, around others in a group environment to working remotely requires us to shift our mindset. As much as the physical environment around us is changing we need to give as much attention to changing our psychology, the way we think.

By having deep self-awareness you are in a position to review and renew your mindset in order to deal with change and any day to day situations. Our beliefs, attitudes and thoughts shape how we feel and therefore what actions we take. Our thoughts are the one thing we can have control over.

In this module we will explore how our mindset works and how deep self-awareness can assist us in taking control of our thoughts, limiting beliefs and inner dialogue. Shifting our mindset and the way we think is the foundation to setting ourselves up for success when working remotely.

Module 1-Key themes

  • Mindset and where it comes from
  • The process of thoughts, feelings and actions
  • The 3 facets of Self-awareness
  • Inner dialogue and how to control it
  • Bubble vs. Bursting mindset
  • Beliefs that serve you

Workbook: Mindset Matters

Module Content